Frequently Asked Questions

What can Proalytics customers do with their data?

Proalytics counts people and objects and generates consolidates data which empower companies to make operationally relevant, data driven decisions while fully protecting the privacy of visitors and customers. Proalytics gives deep insights into your business dwell times, rush-hours and visitor-count.

Customers are informed regarding rush-hours and waiting-lines through our integrated web-widgets or direct web URL so they can optimize their experience at your facility.

How are objects or people counted?

The Proalytics Smarthost receives raw data from the detection device and anonymizes this raw data instantly. After sending the anonymized data to the Proalytics Cloud, the data is deleted from the Proalytics Smarthost.

The Proalytics Cloud uses an Artificial Intelligence routines to count the various individual objects or persons based on various parameters and creates a consolidated dataset which is used by the Proalytics Dashboard and web interfaces.

People and objects are not tracked but counted. (See FAQ “What is the difference between wifi-tracking and wifi-counting”)

What is the difference between wifi-tracking and wifi-counting

Wifi-tracking tracks people through a certain fysical space during a certain timeframe. Wifi-counting is used to measure the amount of objects or people in a certain area. So with wifi-counting objects or people are counted and not followed. 

What is AVG / GDPR / PIPEDA?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals who live in the European Union (EU). Since the Regulation applies regardless of where websites are based, it must be heeded by all sites that attract European visitors, even if they don’t specifically market goods or services to EU residents.

AVG is the Dutch translation of GDPR (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming).

PIPEDA is the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act which is used in Canada and sets out the ground rules for how businesses must handle personal information in the course of their commercial activity.

The GDPR defines a data processor as a ‘natural or legal PIPEDA does not distinguish between data controllers and data processors. Rather, PIPEDA applies to all organizations which collect, use, or disclose personal information in the course of commercial activities, and to certain employee personal information.

Why is Proalytics AVG / GDPR / PIPEDA compliant?

Information is said to be anonymous if the information does not relate to an identified or identifiable natural person or to personal data. There is no way to identify the original entry from the anonymized data, and vice versa. Anonymized (i.e. BLAKE3 hashed) data is no longer considered personal data.

Since Proalytics anonymizes data as defined in ISO standard 29100:2011 it is mathematical impossible to decrypt the manipulated and hashed data in the Proalytics Cloud database. Proalytics is therefore completely GDPR / PIPEDA / AVG compliant since it is impossible to retrieve the original personal data from stored data.

How does anonymization work?

Pseudonymisation’ of data (defined in Article 4(5) GDPR) means replacing any information which could be used to identify an individual with a pseudonym, or, in other words, a value which does not allow the individual to be directly identified.

Data anonymization is the processing of data with the aim of irreversibly preventing the identification of the individual. In other words, the data shall be impossible to connect to an individual for it to meet the requirements for data anonymization.

True data anonymization as used by Proalytics :

  1. Is irreversible
  2. Makes it impossible to identify a natural person or object

The difference between ‘anonymized data’ and ‘pseudonymized data‘ is that data is only anonymized when the original data is deleted.

A Proalytics Smarthost receives raw data like a MAC address or licenseplate. This data is split in several parts and daily rotating salt is inserted between these parts. The concatenated data is hashed using BLAKE3 hash algoritm and send to Proalytics Cloud. When the anonymized data is sent bij the Proalytics Smarthost, the raw, concatenated and hashed data is deleted from the Proalytics Smarthost.

Only anonymized data is leaving Proalytics Smarthosts so no traces of any personal data can be found outside the Proalytics Smarthosts!

What is a MAC address?

A MAC-address is a unique code which identifies a device (like a laptop, phone or printer) when connecting to wifi. A MAC-address is not the phonenumber or IP-address and does not identify a person or object. However, a MAC address is personal data and therefore GDPR compliancy and data protection must be in place.

What detection devices can be used by the Proalytics Smarthost?

The Proalytics Smarthost collects and anonymizes data which is received from a detection device. This detection device can be a (directional) wifi antenna, (infrared-)camera or a density detection device.

Can Proalytic devices cause electrical/network disruptions or interferences?

The Proalytics detection devices only receive signals and are not sending any signals . Therefore the Proalytics detection devices can not interfere with other devices.

Can Proalytics be used in extreme climates?

Our self-engineerd Proalytics Smarthosts are installed outside on the perimeter and therefore  subjected to the weather conditions. Proalytics Smarthosts are installed with automatic heating or cooling devices when needed so they will work in any (harsh) condition.  

Why choose Proalytics over other companies?

Several companies offer dwell time and visitor-counting solutions. Proalytics has several advantages over other products:

  • State-of-the-Art software using modern techniques and computer languages
  • Modern and sophisticated AI routines generate robust and relevant data for your organization regarding dwell times, waiting queues, visitor counts and rush-hours.
  • Sophisticated, customizable and interactive graphing and data presentation through web-widgets and personal URL’s
  • Possibility to integrate other company data in the Proalytics dashboard
  • Proalytics Smarthosts are self-engineered using the best components
  • Proalytics Smarthosts have self-restoring capabilities regarding communication  hickups and hardware/software failures
  • Integrated cooling / heating devices in the Proalytics Smarthosts
  • Complete control of the anonymization process of data and therefore 100% GDPR/AVG/PIPEDA compliant
  • Scalable and robust solution for 1 or many sites and detection locations
  • Customers have complete data ownership and have access to their anonymized data through the Proalytics API.

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