Analytics of your Visitors

Manage and improve traffic and planning for site specific situations by detecting, measuring and analyzing objects and people

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Dwell Time

Understand Dwell time vs Visitor count

Track how people move through your operation and apply tactics to improve dwell time and efficiency

Queue Prevention

Inform your Visitors and Customers

Inform your visitors and customers regarding queue lengths, routing and rush-hours


Visitor Counting

Real time Visitor count

Count visitors for stores, events and other places, viewable anywhere through our modern and consolidated dashboard

Personnel planning

Optimizing personnel

Detect rush- and low- hours at your site and optimize customer experience by optimizing your personnel planning

Proalytics Powers You

The mission of Proalytics is to empower you to make operationally relevant, data driven decisions through analytics of physical spaces while fully protecting the privacy of your visitors and customers. Our regulatory compliant smart device measuring systems gives you deep insights into your business dwell times, rush hours and visitors.

Measure your operations, understand what is happening and how visitors are moving. Make informed relevant decisions that will get you results.

Your customers are asking – How long is your Queue?

Answer the question everyone asks – “How long is the lineup and how long do I have to wait to be served?” Proalytics tracks and measures real time dwell time and informs your customers how long they expect to wait and helps smoothing out demand spikes by pushing realtime data to your website or social media in clear diagrams.

Operating multiple locations? Proalytics will load balance between your locations by informing your users which site is busiest. Customers don’t like waiting in lines – Proalytics lets your customers make informed decisions about how and when they visit your business. See this case study.

Dwell Time

Understand how long people stay in your operations. Measuring dwell lets you understand if operational changes are effective or ineffective. Our systems operate in real-time so you can try, fail, and try again until you find what works. 

Visitor Counting

Visitor Counting is a critical metric to understand how your facilities are being used. In areas without access control, Proalytics lets you understand how many people are flowing through your spaces – all in real time.

Proalytics Dashboard
Proalytics Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard

Proalytics Chart

"Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine"

– Peter Sondergaart

Features of Proalytics

Real-Time Dashboard

Predictive Analytics

Privacy protected GDPR proof



AI Powered Insights

Multiple Site Visibility


Data Ownership